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Bobbin lace

Pizzo Cantù is a bobbin lace, is handmade and traditional product. The lace, called ul pizz in dialect, is produced by weaving wires, usually cotton, linen or silk, which are wound on bobbins, called i oss. The weaving is worked on a support base,…

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The history of silk starts from afar. In the Como area he arrived around 1400 and immediately had great development thanks to the foresight of the Duke Ludovico Sforza, which forced farmers to plant their fields in the mulberry trees. Until…

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The Batell, called also Lucia, is a historic small boat that can be used both with oars and sail. Endevored by the fishermen of Lake Como for the transport of the fish, but also to passengers. The name Lucia is taken…

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Wood manufacturing

One of the flagships, since time immemorial, of Brianza is wood manufacturing, thanks to the ability of its furniture makers. Today, a lot of wood factories are located in the territory: their furniture is synonymous of quality and excellence, and is produced…

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Carnevale di Schignano

Schignano, a small town in Val d’Intelvi, is known for its ancient Carnival that occurs annually for Mardi Gras. The masks are made up of typical local characters: the bèi (beautiful), the brùt (ugly), the ciocia (the wife of the beautiful), the sapeur (which opens…

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Palio del Baradello

In 1159, Federico Barbarossa freed Como from Milan’s domination. In 1981, as thanks to the Emperor, four districts organized the Palio. Since then, each year, several districts and municipalities compete in spectacular medieval challenges. There is also an historical parade…

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