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Lake Como Gravedona ed Uniti

Lake Como Gravedona ed Uniti -

Lake Como Gravedona ed Uniti.. 

Set in a beautiful gulf, the historic core consists of small squares and characteristic alleys in the heart of the town
considered one of the greatest artistic centers of Lake Como: of pre-Roman origin, Gravedona was a common prosperous
in the Middle Ages, allied in Milan during the war of ten years.
In 1500 it constituted the capital of the Tre Pievi Superiori of Lake Como, then passed into fief to Tolomeo Gallio,
managed to maintain a certain autonomy even under the dominions of the Visconti and the Sforza.

Rich in churches and monuments we witness a past rich in historical events and administrative-religious importance,
events that we can easily imagine by visiting two of its most important and historic monuments:

The most important monument of Gravedona is the church of Santa Maria del Tiglio, originally a baptistery,
covered by the architectural features partly in the north.
Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio located near the banks of the lake right next to the parish church of S. Vincenzo
was originally founded as baptistery of the pieve (sec.V) transformed into a Romanesque church between 1150 and 1175
characterized by covered in white and gray marble, and decorated with frescoes dating back to between the fourteenth
and fifteenth centuries, among which the fresco of the “Last Judgment” with a Giotto style stands out. –

Palazzo Gallio noble residence of Bartolomeo Gallio, cardinal born in Como of Santa Romana Church,
Count and Lord of the Tre Pievi of Gravedona, Sorico and Dongo, who attracted from the meekness of the place built,
probably around 1583-84, his residence , accomplished it seems in 1586.
Designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi, the native architect of Valsolda who was the favorite of Carlo Borromeo, Palazzo Gallio
appears as a fortified castle that rises from the central closed plant, tightened between corner towers softened by openings
and roof terraces, with the front facing the lake pierced by the measured curvilinear rhythm of the three arches which overlaps
the upper loggia, a reserved point of view of a broad look on the waters of Lake Como.
Today it is the seat of the Comunità Montana Alto Lario Occidentale and its halls open to the public are held cultural
events, shows and exhibitions.

The village offers numerous opportunities for recreation both for water sports lovers and for lovers of
peace and therefore ideal for buying Apartment Gravedona Lake Como

There are numerous areas dedicated to sport and tourist-receptive destination, such as numerous free beaches,
the municipal beach with two swimming pools, the sports center with tennis courts, soccer fields, sailing schools, athletics and the various cycle paths
among which stands out the pedestrian promenade on the lake that runs along the
water to get to Dongo or that continues north to Sorico.
Magnificent is the setting of the mountains that surround the village that offer numerous alpine destinations and
various routes for mountain biking and trekking immersed in the tranquility of secular woods that together with the mountain peaks and numerous alpine lakes among which offer unique landscapes.

Among the mountains of Gravedona a panoramic road climbs up to Livo, m.665, passing through Peglio whose
Parish church is adorned with exemplary works of art including Flemish paintings and Guercino’s school.
From Peglio you can continue to Livio from where a path that reaches the Rifugio Como to 1790 m. of height and
that brings on the shores of the lake Darengo one of the most fascinating alpine lakes in Lombardy that is situated at
the bottom of the solitary homonymous valley, at the foot of granite massifs and serrated ridges that crown it: the Cresta della Gratella (m.222), Pizzo Campanile (2,458 meters), Sasso Bodengo (2,410 meters) and Pizzo San Pio (2,304 meters).
On a rocky spur south of the lake rises the Capanna Como, self-managed shelter.

The super-ferragosto of North Lake Como: thousands in Gravedona for boats and fireworks ..
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Thousands of people meet on the Gravedona lakefront for the feast of August 14, which has always attracted the
numerous tourists present in the Gravedona Houses and Apartments; arrived at issue number 73 we find in the squares
in front of the lake numerous food stands characteristic of the area where you wait (with a full belly ..)
of the beautiful show on the lake that begins with the parade of allegorical boats and then the fireworks display,
one of the most beautiful of Lake Como that enchants, among colors and barrels, for over half an hour all the many present.
Ended with applause, the fireworks start the music that will end only at night in the upper lake.
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