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Mortgage rates: magic moment to buy the house !!

Mortgage rates: magic moment to buy the house..

Mortgage rates: magic moment to buy the house !!

The long drop in mortgage rates still makes it convenient to take out a bank loan to buy a property.

From the graph of finished rates for fixed-rate mortgages, the finite rate shows that the finite rate,
hence the real interest rate paid by the consumer to banking institution, has never been as low as this quarter.

To underline the great convenience of fixed rates: in the best current offers for a fixed-rate mortgage of € 140,000 at 20 years,
with a property value of 220,000, there is a Tan of 1.24%, … never so low since the first quarter of 2012

• For the variables currently the minimum of the Tan is 0.60%, with prices really at historic lows.

• Rates in hand, we are at the minimum and from here you can not go up: so we can safely say that today is a really “magic”
for those who want to subscribe a mortgage, both subrogation and purchase.

• All this is also confirmed by the increase in sales of + 9.3% which clearly outlines a constantly accelerating real estate market
with the natural consequence that property prices are destined to grow, which is another reason to take the ball and benefit
of real estate prices at the minimum and interest rates at the minimum.

• And for those who decide to renegotiate the existing mortgage today it is very convenient to make a surrogate than 12-36 months ago.

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