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Villa La Gaeta San Siro Lake Como

Villa La Gaeta San Siro Lake Como Directly on the lake

Villa La Gaeta San Siro Lake Como

Fanciful castle in medieval style that portrays the wild eclecticism architects Coppedè. The villa took the place of a modest home that stood just on the tip “La Gaeta”, from which the present villa prense name.
The Gaeta was built on commission of Ambrosoli Solon in the mid nineteenth century and was completed in 1921 by the heirs.
The project was entrusted to the brothers Adolfo and Gino Coppedè, famous architects and decorators Florentines, who decided to build a medieval castle and Renaissance along with commingling Liberty.

The most scenic parts of the villa are the two towers: one facing the mountain, the other towards the lake from which starts a slender portico. The walls are characterized by alternating materials beams and plaster painted or decorated with graffiti.
The Coppedè took care not only of the external project, but also designed the interior of the villa while remaining faithful to the medieval style of the complex.

Villa La Gaeta was used as a set in the finale of the film “Casino Royale” in 2006: Daniel Craig / James Bond tracks down in this house Mr. White, shoots him in the leg and, from the top of the stairs leading to the front door utters the fateful sentence: “My name is Bond, James Bond.”

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