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Historical Figures

J.F. Kennedy

On 30 June 1963, the President of the United States of America landed by  US Army helicopter in front of the Grandhotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio. Many people came from each side of the lake to meet this charismatic and fascinating…

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Caroline of Brunswick

Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (17 May 1768 – 7 August 1821), best known as Caroline of Brunswick, was Queen of the United Kingdom as the wife of King George IV from 29 January 1820 until her death in 1821.…

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Winston Churchill

In July 1945, after World War II, ex-prime minister of England, Winston Churchill, chose to go on vacation the picturesque village of Moltrasio, and he moved together with his daughter Sarah, his doctor and some employees into Villa Le Rose.…

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Giuseppe Terragni

Giuseppe Terragni was a famous architect of the Rationalism. He was born in Meda, Lombardy. He attended the Technical College in Como then studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano university. In 1927 he and his brother Attilio opened an office…

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Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta, a famous Italian physicist, was born in Como in 1745, in the old building still located in via Volta. He was a pioneer of electricity and power, was credited as the inventor of electrical battery and the discoverer of…

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