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The history of silk starts from afar. In the Como area he arrived around 1400 and immediately had great development thanks to the foresight of the Duke Ludovico Sforza, which forced farmers to plant their fields in the mulberry trees. Until the early ‘900 farmers become rearers in spring. The women of the family and the children were instructed to gather mulberry leaves and cut them to the tiny caterpillars could eat it. Once the growth bugs begin to produce a thin thread with which you wrap creating the cocoon that will serve them to turn into a butterfly. In 1510 Pietro Boldoni Bellano, a businessman,  established in Como the first silk factory there . Indeed, the city had the ideal environment to develop sericulture: an abundance of mulberry trees and clear waters. In 1866, the entrepreneurs of Como decided to found a Technical Institute to train young professionals in the craft of silk manufacturing. Currently, there are about 800 companies working in the world of silk and textiles and many shops and markets, spread throughout the city centers of this regions, selling Silk products.

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