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Bobbin lace

Pizzo Cantù is a bobbin lace, is handmade and traditional product. The lace, called ul pizz in dialect, is produced by weaving wires, usually cotton, linen or silk, which are wound on bobbins, called i oss. The weaving is worked on a support base, the bobbin in Italy called tombolo, consisting of a cylindrical cushion upholstered horsehair.  This lace was born, at the end of the 15th century probably thanks to the nuns of the Ordine delle Umiliate, at the cloister of Santa Maria in Cantù and affiliated with the Benedictine of Cluny, in FranceThey developed this craft to decorate altars and priests’ holy vestment dresses. Today, embroidery production has become increasingly popular among admirers and lovers of beautiful things.

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