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Domaso wine

Domaso wine, valued since Roman times, has gained more and more recognition over the last few years.

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Resta, a typical sweet

Resta is a sweet tied in Como tradition, the celebration of Palm Sunday. The specificity of the dessert consists of a symbolic olive branch slipped into the dough, and the repetition of the sign of the ear on its surface, both…

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Fried bleak

Our Lake is full of  bleak, Alborelle in italian. Alborelle are small minnows that are traditionally served fried. A dish very poor, native of the Garda, was the food of the fishermen  

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Risotto with perch

The Risotto with Perch, Risotto con pesce Persico, is very popular thanks to a mix of local products, such as perch and our regional dish, Risotto. It’s a rich dish also used in the best restaurants. The perch has a smooth and…

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Cutizza comes from more than 100 years of traditions. It is a sweet, born as a snack is also called the “pie of the poor”. It is a typical donut made of flour, sugar, eggs and milk; the typical ingredients of…

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I Missoltini, also know as misultitt in dialect, are a culinary specialty of Lake Como. The preparation is not easy, they are shad, freshwater fish that are caught, salted and dried in the sun. On Lake Como, the best season to…

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