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Best excursions on Lake Como

Best excursions Lago di Darengo

Best excursions on Lake Como

If you like to hiking, the Lake Como has something for you. There are a lot of paths, where you can walk with your family or maybe with your dog, for more information click on Walking around the Lake Como.

However if you want to try hiking more challenging read below.


If you want to do a tour with a professional mountain guide you can consult the mountain associations CAI, Casa delle Guide (House of Guides) and Guide alpine del Lario e delle Grigne (Alpine guide of Lake Como and of the Grigne mountains).
There are also major mountain routes such as the Via dei Monti Lariani (from Cernobbio to Sorico), the Sentiero delle 4 Valli (from Breglia to Dasio Valsolda), and the Dorsale del Triangolo Lariano (from Como to Bellagio). Each of them is indicated by specific signs that change their colors according to the route to guide you during your hike.
In the Triangolo Lariano (Territory) there are different hiking paths, visit more information
Please visit for more information.


During the excursion, sorrounded by nature, you may need a break; don’t worry, along your way you can find a Rifugio, with their kind service, delicious typical dishes and sweets and warm atmosphere, framed by a panoramic view of the lake, you’re welcome. Located in strategic points, they offer facilities and refreshments to travelers.


-Never hike alone

-Tell someone where you are going

-Avoid unmarked trails

-Always carry a rain jacket with you and turn back in case of bad weather

-Always carry a whistle

-Always carry drinking water

-Wear bright colors

-Don’t forget to carry an emergency kit

-Always supervise your children

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