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Our specialities

The area of Lake Como is rich in culinary products which you would not taste. Forget pizza and pasta and discover our specialities: there is a wide choice of tastes and flavors. Comfortably seated at a table in a restaurant and relaxing watching the landscape, you can taste some of our best foods such as: rice with perchMissoltino, soused fish, smoked trout, chub, fried bleak and many other types of fish from our lake. Ask for a Domaso white wine as it will enhance the flavors and sensations of these specialties.

Give yourlself a round in the Valleys. It conceal hidden and ancient tastes that can be found only in the suggestive Crotti, natural caves where culinary traditions are reproduced with love and passion, such as delicious cheese, Polenta (cornmeal pudding, originally served as peasant food and consumed with meat, mushrooms, Missoltino or cheese) barley soup, cold cuts and delectable red wines.

Don’t be afraid, you will find many restaurants serving excellent pizza and great pasta.

After a good dinner you always need a good cake. Stroll with your loved ones and appreciate our stunning views delighted by Mataloch, Miascia, Cutizza and Resta, four delicious sweets, with genuine and simple ingredients like milk, raisins, flour and lemon.





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