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Our specialities

The area of Lake Como is rich in culinary products which you would not taste. Forget pizza and pasta and discover our specialities: there is a wide choice of tastes and flavors. Comfortably seated at a table in a restaurant and relaxing…

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Warm up with a break

During the holiday can happen a rainy day. Unfortunately when it happens, the only things to do is go to a nice bar and drink an hot chocolate as those who prepareted the mom, or  if you prefer something strong and…

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Nightlife near Como

Near Lake Como, there are a lot of  pubs, bars and dance clubs play contemporary music and classic hits, and restaurants serve all kinds of cuisine. People of all ages are welcome and they can enjoy themselves all night! In Tavernerio there…

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Not only wine and cocktail, if you are a beer fan, Lake Como has something for you. There are many breweries and micro-breweries situated all around the lake, offering typical tastes and a unique combination of malt, hops, yeast and water.…

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Como’s nightlife

At night the city of Como , with its locals, bars and restaurants scattered around every corner , it becomes incredibly romantic. In the summer, the city is full of young people and couples who spend their nights in the many…

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Something different

To have fun during a raining day on Lake Como as well as the usual pub offers several others attractions. If you love bowling in Villaguardia and Erba you find several bowling alleys, or you can have fun racing on go kart…

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